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Formed in 2000 as a confederation of major schools of music, schools of education, arts organizations, and public school partnerships, the MIENC’s mission is to promote the evolution of music teaching and learning practices, advocacy, research, and policy, so that music can provide its essential contribution to promoting a culture of equity and excellence in every school.

Inquiry Question

To what extent does rhythm, meter, and tempo increase student achievement in fractions?
Project Background

Through the 4th grade Mathematical Composing Unit, students had the ability to identify, compose, and preform music that supports the curriculum objectives of the California State Math Standards. By teaching for transfer, students compared and contrasted elements in both music and fractions focusing on the following elements: time signature, note value, and number lines. Finally, all fourth grade students were involved in sharing fundamental concepts of the fractions and music through group made compositions that focus on different time signatures.
Partnership Overview

The vision of El Dorado’s M+MI projects is to enhance student achievement by integrating music learning with other academic areas in partnerships with local arts learning organizations (MuST and SF Opera),partner laboratory schools (Oakland Unified and Ravenswood School District Learning Laboratory Schools), and support and guidance from the Music-in-Education National Consortium (New England Conservatory Research Center).

El Dorado Elementary participated in three action research projects that aligned to this mission. The first project includes the development of the 2nd grade opera, the second project includes the 3rd grade Science of Music Project, and the third project focuses on a 4th grade Mathematical Composing Unit.

As part of the Music-in-Education National Consortium, El Dorado’s Music Learning Leadership Staff (administration, classroom and music teachers) received monthly professional development in a) M+MI curriculum unit design based on fundamental concepts of literacy shared between music and language, b) teaching for transfer strategies, c) music and music integration literacy skill assessment, and d) action research based documentation of student learning through collaboration with MuST, MIENC guided practices consultants, and SF Opera.






Opera 4

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